Gabriele Manna

Hi, my name is Gabriele and I'm a software engineer based in London.

I am originally from Italy, my hometown is Ostuni which is a lovely white city a few steps away from Puglia lovely southern beaches which I left after completing high school to move in Turin in order to study Telecommunications Engineering at the Politecnico of Turin.

After my bachelor I also gained a master degree in Media and Cinema Engineering at the Politecnico of Turin where I qualified with honours (110/110). In 2009 I then decided to leave Turin and in order to get an international experience I moved to London where I worked as a software engineer for few important web agencies before to start my important experience in Capgemini.


I enjoy writing code to realize amazing tool for web applications, among my skills the main ones are:
- Php
- Javascript
- Jquery
- React JS & Flux
- Html5
- Drupal 6 & Drupal 7

My interests

Travelling is one of my biggest passions and this goes along with the other one of my main passions, street photography and reportage. I also fancy sport especially football. During commuting time I normally enjoy reading Italian comix.

Also, as I am so passionate about UI and coding I am always keen on meeting with mates from the drupal community either for a work-shop or to chat about it over a couple of pints. You'll normally see me around at International DrupalCon.